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Help Out… And Share The Love

From the producer:

In 2021 Deadstock Coffee had a release of 150 specially-designed Adidas zx5000. The sneaker collector world is dominated by folks who profit off of the hobby, and the Deadstock x Adidas release was so anticipated by collectors, and so limited in number that it would have been fertile territory for sneaker resellers to swoop in and deny the average collector the ability to get these shoes by reselling at astronomical prices. This didn’t happen because local collectors stood together and these shoes did not end up on the resale market, and many folks who wanted a pair were able to get them through at-cost barters and trades. As far as I can tell only one pair has shown up on the public resale market recently (for over $3,000) and none have sold. This Portland ethos is celebrated in the share the love patch designed by Portland artist (and sneaker collector) Graham Barey.

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Patch ID: 16036
Dimensions: 3 in x 4 in
Run Size: 100

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