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Thorns Winged Brigade

Winged Brigade – 107

This was the first sectional patch created for the Rose City Riveters. Inspired by the Oregon State moto “She flies with her own wings” and the Von Dutch flying eyeball, I created this crest originally as a submission for the Rose City Riveters crest competition in 2013. The flying rose represents the moto and the Rose City. The three four-pointed stars, one to either side of the rose and one in the center of the rose, come from the flag of Portland and represent the club, supporters group, and the community. The entire patch is surrounded by a protective row of thorns. The section is located in 107 and signified by the red and white, flying rose flag that has been flown behind the goal since the very first home game. The patch quantity was deliberate, 325 patches were created – one for every seat in section 107 plus one for the archives.

Patch ID: 1906
Dimensions: 3 in x 4.25 in
Run Size: 325

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Affiliation: None
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