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YOU MUST BE A MEMBER of PTFC Patch Patrol FB group in good standing (for at least 2 weeks) to be a member of this site.

YOU MUST USE A FIRST AND LAST NAME in your member profile. This is so we can make sure you are actually in the PTFC Patch Patrol FB group. You can choose anything as your screen name, but if you delete your first and last name (or use a name that doesn’t match your FB account) you risk having your account terminated, and collections lost.

Fill out this form, follow all instructions, and then wait for an Admin to set up your account.

Instructions are on the form, but you’ll also need to PM (via FB) an Admin (revealed in the form) so we can confirm you are a member of the group in good standing.


When you’ve been added, you should get an email with login info. If you don’t see it after a while, check your spam folder.

No luck getting your temporary login email?

  • Try using any ole password, and then when it fails, use the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Check your junk mail again.
  • You may ned to whitelist emails from ( with your email provider.
  • Invalid reset link? Try copying and pasting the link in the email. Be sure to exclude any “<” or “>” and just get the link inside that. If your email client splits the link into two lines, make sure you get the whole thing and remove any spaces where the break occurred.


Consider filling in the links to your social media presence in your profile, so you can connect with our community. Currently there are no plans to add messaging capabilities to this site, so if you want to make a trade, you’ll have to connect via the FB group.


Visit the User Guide for helpful information on what you can do once you are a member.

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