Donating to the Archives

Why Donate to the Archives?

Patch Patrol tries to maintain a physical archive of all the patches visible on the web site.

In the beginning those patches were purchased individually by Travis Diskin, however as releases became more and more frequent, that task became expensive and impossible for one person to stay on top of. We now rely on individual patch producers and members to donate patches to the Archives.

How can you see the Archives?

The Patch Patrol Archives are currently kept in the Golden Binders. The Golden binders are often present at official Patch Patrol events such as the annual end of year meeting, as well as some of the other trading and social events. There are plans for a permanent, publicly viewable display.

The Archives already has one of a specific patch, why does it need another?

Our goal is to have two of every patch, one copy to remain with the group in the Golden Binders, and another to go on permanent public display in a location yet to be determined.. Possibilities for permanent display include the Oregon Historical Society, the 107ist office, or the Timbers/Thorns stadium. The most important requirements for the permanent display are that the collection is secure and available fr public viewing.

How can I see a list of all the patches missing from the Archives?

List the Missing Archives page. Note: This page is still under construction, and may be a little rough around the edges. You can also view a singles only page that shows all the patches we are trying to obtain a second copy of.

How can I donate to the physical Archives?

Please visit the Contact Page for our mailing address.

If you are a patch producer, please consider setting aside 2 patches from your run specifically for the Archives, and mail them to the address on our contact page with a note saying they are for the Archives.

If you are a collector who has a patch we are looking for, please use the Contact Page to send us a note before you donate. This way we can double check to make sure we don’t have one on the way already, or just go ahead and mail it to us.

In cases of rare patches we may be willing to make trades to procure patches for the Archives. Please contact us.

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