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Vestments 2.0 Merit Badge

This patch is a Merit Badge. What does that mean?

Merritt badge used given to those who actually wear their patch collection.

Requirements: Sew some Timbers patches on a garment and wear it to a match.

Tradable: Yes, if the recipient has a patch vestment.

Patch ID: 16577
Dimensions: 2.12 in x 1.81 in
Run Size: 1000

Affiliation: None
Tags: ,

24 members with this patch in their collection.
1 members willing to trade this.
15 members in search of this patch.
0 members consider this their White Whale.
9 members with this patch on a vestment.
1 members with this patch on a second vestment.

Nickname: Vestement MB

This patch has a parent: Vestments Merit Badge