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Vancouver Trans Solidarity

Part of the Cascadia Trans Support 2.0 set, a joint release with the Vancouver South Sisters.

From the Producer:

After many discussions with our friends in the Vancouver South Sisters about the first Cascadia Trans Flag patch run, we discovered that patches are not only in high demand to our neighbours to the north but also the South Sisters have been ardently campaigning for “Safe Washrooms” (Restrooms) not only at their matches but also in their communities. This is something we have also worked towards via the “I’ll Go With You” campaign and many other movements in support of transgender people and their families. Currently trans people are experiencing high levels of discrimination as there have been laws being put in place that are taking away their rights in housing, employment, health access, sports, and many other aspects of life.

Patch ID: 16102
Dimensions: 1.75 in x 3 in
Run Size: 200

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