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Upper Terrace Geezers 2

We Know You Hear Us! – Upper Terrace Geezers – CCII – CCXI

The second version of the Upper Terrace Geezers sectional patch (202-211), from a differnt producer/designer, but made with the blessing of the originator.

We don’t have time or energy for line culture. We need to be in the shade. We aren’t always in the same section. Maybe we borrowed this scarf and maybe we aren’t as spry as you two-stickers and flag wavers down in the 100s. But we do love the game and our team even if we need binoculars (and bifocals) to see the pitch. We’re chanting up here and we know you hear us! That’s right, we’re the Upper Terrace Geezers and this is the 2.0 patch.

This patch has a parent: Upper Terrace Geezers

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