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United Cats of Ameowica: USA

Patch ID: 11076
Dimensions: 3 x 3
Run Size: 200

Producer: ,
Artist: Unknown
Nickname: , , ,
Tags: , , , , ,

The patch embodiment of GOJ’s recurring series on the Soccer Touchdown podcast. This red, white, and blue version was a secret color way that came with sets of the Timbers, and Thorns versions. This red, white, and blue version is often incorrectly thought to reference the Cubs. Profits from this set benefited the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.

United Cats of Ameowica sets also came with stickers.

This patch has a parent: United Cats of Ameowica: Timbers

Other versions of this patch

United Cats of Ameowica: Thorns

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