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This patch is a Merritt Badge. What does that mean and why is the term mispelled?

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As a Timbers reference STL stands for Spread the Love, although it’s taken on the meaning “Share the Love” as well. This more general release of a Spread the Love MB was made after the initial run of the first STL MB was exhausted. The original STL MB was tied to a specific event, and rather than rerun the original patch, a new one was created so as not to detract from the first one. Proceeds from patch producers who ordered these to give away went towards Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

The design is based on a Bookhouse Boys patch from the show Twin Peaks. The Bookhouse boys were a secret society in Twin Peaks whose members fought evil for generations in the wilderness surrounding Twin Peaks and the Pacific Northwest in general.

Requirements: Recipient must be recognized as “Spreading the Love” by patch producers, or someone who has an extra one to give away. It’s not a specific act, or time-related. The giver just has to feel like the receiver has earned it. This MB is not something you ask for, you have to be recognized to get it.

Tradable: No, but it can be given away if requirement are met.

The patch given to Agent Dale Cooper as seen in this screen capture of the Twin Peaks TV show.

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