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South Deck Air Offensive F-Bomb

Dimensions: 3 1/8 x 3 1/8
Run Size: 50

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South Deck – Air Offensive – TA – RC – F

I made them for the southdeck and feel humbled that others have shown interest. We were a batch of mates that started back in the beginnings making noise in 107…then we migrated to 108, then 109, and when Zusman came to us with a blueprint of the new stadium we decided to go south for our new MLS team. I modeled the design of the patch after other sections patches that reminded me of Army regimental patches. When we chanted in the USL days things were less organized and much more offensive, hence the Air Offensive connection on the patch. The “F” bomb was a culmination of our colorful language, and the concept of dropping bombs. I didn’t know where to get them done for a better price so Blazing Stitches did them for roughly eight a piece…which I think I got for about 2/3 of them…and I gave the rest away for display hopes. The second batch are the “FC” bunch, that stand for our even more colorful stand out language of F###ing C##t that I have a real bad habit of letting fly…and that idea was Goalking’s all the way! So long for now from The Suns of Ricky, residents of The Sunny Spot….I go by Redcard.

Until 2020, this was the only photograph we had. A well-worn patch taken from a well-worn vestment.

Other versions of this patch

South Deck Air Offensive FC-Bomb

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