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Soup for my TA Family

Dimensions: 3 7/8 x 2 1/8
Run Size:

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Portland’s Rose City Til I Die – Timbers Army Is My Family – Soup

The summer of 2020 saw some Portland streets occupied by federal officers, while others in unmarked uniforms and cars abducted protesters off the street. The Portland Police Twitter account regularly posted pictures of things thrown at the police during protests. In September then President Donald Trump claimed Antifa was throwing cans of Tuna and Soup at police, and complaining when they were stopped that the canned food was for their family. Sets of this patch came with stickers too.

From Newsweek

Speaking at a campaign rally in Pittsburgh, he said: “They’re walking up there like 30 cans of soup [sic]. They have like 25 cans of tuna. They get caught.” He then quoted an imaginary protester, saying: “‘I’m bringing this home to my family, how dare you stop me,” before adding: “No, no, no. They use it as ammunition. It’s terrible.”

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