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Sleep Coast “Cup a Regulah”

Sleep Coast – MA Militia

A Massachusetts Militia & the Upper Valley Skirmishers release. You need to stay up late if you want to watch a Timbers match and you live on the East Coast

Ever been so frickin tired but knew your beloved Timbers were playing later that night ? “Is anyone making a Dunks run? Because I’d kill for some coffee regulah.” Whether its a trip to the packie or a Dunks down from the T stop. You have to do what it takes to celebrate the night. What about a straight Rippa at Parlor Sports, Home of the Massachusetts Militia??? Truth is, it gets late out here when the team is playing out west. Don’t be an Igit. Get out your favorite kit. Walk up down the Ave and earn your “wicked pissah” compliment. Next, stay up late and Cheer on the club. When Monday morning shows up just Bang out and head down the cape with a cup of regulah. Wicked Timbah’s… Wicked Good…

Please, no comments asking how to obtain this patch. We cannot help you.

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