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RibbonZ Merit Badge

This patch is a Merit Badge. What does that mean?

Patch ID: 11485
Dimensions: 5.25 in x 2.36 in
Run Size:

Producer: ,
Affiliation: None
Tags: ,

This merit badge was earned by purchasing all 5 RibbonZ patches. It started with Zarek Valentin’s 2018 bet with Haley Rasso that morphed into a fundraiser. This year the project took on another life in the form of a new patch release on each Timbers and Thorns home match during Pride Month. Profits from the patch went to New Avenues for Youth and the Q Center. Zarek chose 4 designs submitted by supporters, and designed one himself as well.

Requirements: Buy all 5 RibbonZ patches

Tradable: No.

RibbonZ project advertised on the big screen at Providence Park. Photo by Christopher Glawe.

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