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PTFV Back Patch

Remember Remember There’s Fish to Dismember – PTFC -PTFV

Sets also came with a Merritt Badge, stickers and a cutout mask.

From the producers:

In the year 2020 with all the crazy happening around the country and the world we wanted to remind everyone….. Remember, remember there’s fish to dismember, Virus, quarantine, or not, If you’re a Timber, there’s fish to dismember, Let that never be forgot. S.Edition and their companions Did the scheme contrive, To red tide ‘round the Puget Sound, ‘Til no guppy was left alive. Axes, spikes, all weapons a-go To prove Seattle’s overthrow. But, Providence Park lay quiet and still, ‘Twas more than Zulily pink to make Portlanders ill. A chainsaw, a log, A sounder ‘s a hog! Escaped from this one, But you haven’t escaped, You’ll be unsustainably caught, Gutted and baked. A blade, a blade, a fish gets filleted, Let it play on the pitch to choke him, An overpriced beer to wash it down, And a bonfire built just to burn him. North End, girls! North End, boys! Gates of hell to shake. North End, girls! North End, boys! Dead flounders float in our wake. Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!

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