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Powerpuff Patriarchy

Patch ID: 16240
Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 3 1/8
Run Size: 200

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This is a Powerpuff representation of Madison Shanley wearing a “You Knew” in protest of Peregrine Sports/Thorns front office poor handling of sexual abuse allegations within the Timbers and Thorns organization. Madison wore the shirt while singing the national anthem at a Timbers match. In an act of incredible stupidity and obliqueness, the president of business Mike Golub called Madison’s father to ask that he tell/ask Madsion to change shirts. The other half of this set is a speech bubble.

This patch was a fundraiser for Rose Haven, an organization that provides community, support, and Love for Portland neighbors experiencing homelessness
and poverty.

Please, no comments asking how to obtain this patch. We cannot help you.

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