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Portland Medicine

Gonna Need That Portland Medicine – 7-2

A patch commemorating a club record in goals scored during a 7-2 beating of Sporting Kansas City at home on 5/14/22. This match was also the 100th win at home for the Timbers in MLS. The person pictured on the patch (Kevin Lopez) had a legendary meltdown during a recorded live review of the match on the YouTube channel SKC Fan TV. In other misfortunes, SKC would go on to beat us 4-1 the next time we met in 2022.

It’s a long video, best skip to the scoring moments. Some hilarious stuff in there, including the patch catchphrase at about the 2:28 minute. Too bad there isn’t a highlights version of this video.

Travis sent some to the man himself!

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Dimensions: 3.5 in x 3.5 in
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