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Patch Patrol UK Branch

Patch Patrol – UK Branch – Late Nights – Airmail Flights

From the producer:

Patch Patrol has been so wonderful to me since I joined in October (2018), the community welcomed me, a West Bromwich Albion fan from almost 8000 miles away, like one of their own and if I had unlimited funds I’d have sent one to everyone. But alas, the bank account of an 18 year old only stretches so far and custom patches aren’t quite as easily obtained in the UK it would seem. So 10 of these were made, and only 10 of these will ever be made. 1 for me and 9 for 9 members of PP who helped me get started in the patch game. I hope to be able to send more gifts like this across the pond in the future, I’m always thinking for new designs. And who knows, one day a daring full scale release could be possible…”

Patch ID: 11339
Dimensions: 3 in x 3 in
Run Size: 10

Affiliation: None

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