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Montana Volunteers 5th Season MB

This patch is a Merit Badge. What does that mean?

Requirements: Acts in support of Montana Volunteers’ goals of promoting support for Thorns and Timbers in Montana from 2015-2019

Tradable: No

About the Montana Volunteers Merit Badge:

Like other Montana Merit Badges for Timbers and Thorns support, this patch commemorating the 5th season of the Montana RSG uses the bison skull made famous as part of the signature of Montana’s cowboy artist, Charles M. Russell.

The included pin is representation of a Montana state highway sign. Montana 5 stretches from Scobey to the North Dakota line in Northeastern Montana.

The patch and pin set were developed to recognize supporters who helped build the Montana RSG. Patches were initially distributed at 3rd annual Montana Volunteers Rendezvous in Philipsburg August 3-4. Remaining patches were mailed unannounced to supporters the following week. Questions about to earn the MB can be directed to Montana Volunteers via social media.

Patch ID: 11923
Dimensions: in x in
Run Size: 107

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