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Heartland Hamms

Timbers Footy – Since 1975 – From the Land of Sky tall Evergreens – Soccerwatcher Brewing Company -Providence Park, Portland, USA.

This Hamms Beer-themed patch was a surprise that came with the Heartland Grain Belt patch. This version was already in production when another Hamms-based patch, Cascading Kings was released, so the timing is purely coincidental. This patch is also the first design produced to include the shot-lived 1981-82 Timbers mascot known as the Soccerwatcher.

1981 photo From Soccerwatcher Magazine courtesy of OregonEncyclopedia.org
Photo of Timber Jim and the Soccerwatcher courtesy of NASLjerseys.com
Patch ID: 16375
Dimensions: 3 in x 3 in
Run Size: 110

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