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Green and Gold Brigade

Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25
Run Size: 200

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Brigade Verde Y Oro, based on a t-shirt graphic made famous by Joe Strummer of the Clash. He can be seen wearing and washing the shirt in the movie Rude Boy, where he famously quips that the Brigade Rosse shirt was for a pizza restaurant. The shirt was a bit of a mash up, with Red Brigade (in Italian) and Red Army Faction in one design. The patch is strictly an homage to Strummer and the Clash’s love of soccer. It’s been well documented that one of the highlights of recording London Calling was the football breaks they took in the yard. This patch was a secret bonus patch primarily given away to people who ordered the Know Your Club set, another Clash-inspired design.

Green and Gold Brigade replaces Red Brigade, PTFC replaces RAF, axe replaces machine-gun.

Please, no comments asking how to obtain this patch. We cannot help you.

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