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Full Metal Pity

No Pity – Timbers Army

This patch was modeled after the helmet the character Joker were in the movie Full Metal Jacket. It was funded by the producer and given away for free in sets to people who were new to the patch collecting game, allowing them to have something desirable enough to trade that couldn’t be easily acquired, effectively a temporary leveling of the field.

Patch ID: 16713
Dimensions: 2.75 in x 4 in
Run Size: 100

Affiliation: None
Tags: , , , , , , ,

38 members with this patch in their collection.
5 members willing to trade this.
36 members in search of this patch.
0 members consider this their White Whale.
5 members with this patch on a vestment.
1 members with this patch on a second vestment.