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Fair Rose

Patch ID: 5628
Dimensions: 3 in x 4.5 in
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Based on an old window decal from the 50’s displayed by businesses that declared they would not discriminate.

Here’s the original decal.

Fair Rose (anti-discrimination) decal for display at businesses Source: City of Portland Auditor’s Office

This decal was part of the Fair Rose Plan. If a store promised not to discriminate they would be given one of these decals. The decal was designed and distributed by students from : University of Portland ; Vanport College ; Multnomah College ; St. Vincent ; Emanuel School of Nursing ; Lewis and Clark ; Marylhust ; Providence School of Nursing ; Reed College ; Cascade College. The decal was part of a campaign to pass an ordinance against discrimination. The decal reads, “Fair Rose, this establishment does not discriminate against race, color or creed.” Date is circa

Record Date: 12/31/1951

The Fair Rose Plan – Source: Oral History of Reed College

“There wasn’t much off-campus activism, by the way. The only thing I remember that involved doing anything off campus was what was called the Fair Rose Plan. Early on, there was an effort in Portland to get an ordinance against discrimination. The city council wasn’t Get the stories before they’re lost forever.” about to pass such an ordinance. So the kids at various schools, not just Reed, but the University of Portland and a couple of the other schools in town I know, were involved. They designed a rose decal, and on the rose was written ‘Fair Rose.’ If you would promise not to discriminate, you could have the decal for your store. The kids went downtown, went door to door, store to store, particularly restaurants, to get them to put up Fair Rose signs.” Businesses that refused the sign were boycotted. The effort of these students led to the passing of a Portland ordinance against discrimination, the first in a long series of steps toward equality.

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