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Chaplain Corps 2

Patch ID: 12018
Dimensions: 4 in x 3.5 in
Run Size: 250

Affiliation: None
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Chaplain Corps – 1975

From the producer:

Chaplain Corps 1.0 is a favorite of mine. With the blessing of the original creators, and pressure from the patch community, I present to you Chaplain Corps 2.0. The intention of this patch is to celebrate the diversity of beliefs in the Timbers Army. We have several ordained folks who can legally officiate your weddings, folks who bless logs, folks who lead game-day liturgy (capos!), and we have folks who thrive in loving others (with and without religious affiliations). A chaplain of the Timbers Army, I think, is anyone who works to love, comfort, and support others as they have need. If you champion STL ethos this is a patch you can appreciate (and even give away).

This patch has a parent: Chaplain Corps

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