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Away MB – New England

This patch is a Merit Badge. What does that mean?

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Requirements: Attend an away Timbers match against the New England revolution.

Tradable: Only if requirements have been met.

Vault Boy’s appearance on this MB has it’s roots in the 2015 MLS Cup victory, and the famous banned tifo incident that happened the next year.

The video game Fallout 4 takes place in Boston. When you “level up” in Fallout 4 your “skills bar” is stars. NE Revs have lost 5 MLS Cups, represented in the tifo below. The one solid star represents the Timbers single appearance in an MLS Cup match, which they won.  The Timbers were 1 for 1, verses the Revolution’s embarrassing 0 for 5 record. The tifo was not permitted to be displayed,  despite the fact that it did not violate any MLS policies, and was made to size specifications cleared in advance by the New England Revolution liaison. Although various contradictory reasons were given, conventional wisdom blames a combination of the opposing supporters groups who were shown the content 2 hours before kickoff, and stadium staff who predicted an upset Robert Kraft. Hard to believe, when by all accounts he doesn’t seem to know that he owns an MLS team.

[Photo Timbers Army]

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