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Lineculture – Right Arm

Right arm out… If you have one!

There are definitely some inside jokes in these #Lineculture sets, but everyone knows what Lineculture is.

With the expansion of the stadium, came many changes to the Providence Park neighborhood, we thought we’d take the opportunity to raise some money to help out Janus Youth Services. The expansion also created a necessity of changes to the wristband protocol, so we set forth to create a set of patches that could also commemorate the era of very special time spent in #lineculture. Whether you survived one wristband line, or you’re the “crazy person” who wore holes in your tent, we’d like to honor your time in this most unique tradition, and raise some dough for JANUS.

Lineculture sets came with matching stickers.

Lineculture packaging.

Dimensions: 3 x 3
Run Size: 200

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