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East Coast Platoon Crybaby

Timbers Army East Coast Platoon – Some Of Us Are Alright

The story is that a guy from Portland posted in our group, after a Timbers loss in which Gleeson faced like 30 shots (and made some amazing saves…the goals were not his fault), that he was overrated. Drama ensued and they guy said we were a bunch of cry babies. Shortly there after we changed the page pic to a crying baby in a Timbers jersey super imposed over the North End…Gus Rachels did that image. At some later point there was further drama and Brent Diskin came up with that patch design…adding the star to the babies mouth. The “Some Of Us Are Alright” line is from a guy from Florida who left the group to become an Orlando…he couldn’t deal with all of our “rainbow Hippie Libby Shizz”. His parting sentiment was that we were mostly intolerable, but “some of you are alright”.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5
Run Size: 200

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