Patch Patrol Raffle Benefiting Oregon Food Bank


In times of need communities come together. In this case Patch Patrol does what it does best… give, give and give some more.

This is an active raffle for the items listed below. Each ticket you buy for each lot gets you one chance at winning the item(s) in that lot. Buy 5 tickets on Lot 1, get 5 chances to win Lot 1. Go through the list and select how many tickets you want to enter in to each lot, then add up all the tickets you selected and paypal us a dollar for each.

All profits will go to the Oregon Food Bank to cope with the hunger that is coming from this human and financial crisis. Out goal is to reach $9370 in dollars raised. That’s $5 for each person in the Patch Patrol FB group.

This raffle is LIVE, that means we will be adding new Lots to this raffle as it proceeds. Some real heat will be added when we reach certain milestones so check back often for new items. Entries will stop at 8pm Saturday March 28th and we will do the drawings on Sunday March 29th. If you want to submit patches to this raffle, it’s not too late, please contact Travis at

$1 a ticket, pay via FRIENDS and FAMILY to

Please check to make sure you are using friends and family, it may default to Goods & Services.