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San Valeri Stamp

Dimensions: 3 x 2.5
Run Size:

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San Valeri – RCTID

This postage stamp shaped patch with Diego Valeri came on a postcard printed to look like it was sent to Portland Maine from the people of Portland, Oregon. It’s a reference to a Seattle Sounders social media campaign that portrayed Portland Maine as the “best” Portland. The campaign backfired a little when a newspaper in Portland Maine aligned themselves with Portland Oregon. Another interesting bit, Diego Valeri asked that “Saint Valeri” not be used in the supporter-made El Troesma patch because of his strong religious beliefs, so it’s unclear whether the Timbers front office let him know it would appear on this patch. This patch was released on the last match of the season against Seattle on 8/26/18.

Seattle Loves Portland. This image actually appeared on a billboard in Portland, Oregon.

Sounders FC video.

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