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Mount Bachelor Brigade MB

This patch is a Merritt Badge. What does that mean and why is the term mispelled?

Dimensions: x
Run Size: 200

Artist: , ,
Tags: , , ,

Requirements: 1. Attend a Mt. Bachelor Brigade gathering in Bend, OR. 2. Purchase MT. Bachelor Brigade merchandise or donate to one of the various Mt. Bachelor Brigade fundraisers

Tradable: No

Common in Central Oregon are the wildfires that plague the area. The Pulaski is nod to the firefighters that help save the destruction from the blazes that threaten our area in the summer and for maintaining our forests during the rest of the year. The sagebrush sprigs represent the typical plant life found throughout the High Desert. The Cascade skyline is one of the best viewing features for our residents and visitors alike. The star and starburst represent our past glory and our bright future to come.

Please, no comments asking how to obtain this patch. We cannot help you.

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