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75 Gold Ball

Temporary Photo
Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5
Run Size: 200

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A patch to commemorate Patch Zone. This one was already in production when the surprise Patch Zone freebies were released.

I decided that we needed a more Timbers expression of Patch Zone which is held under the 76 ball at the stadium. I was also inspired by the simplicity of a round 76 patch that came on a free backpack giveaway and the Go Timbers Go patch that came with the State of PTFC Flag patch. Using the year of the establishment of the club and the thin chevrons from early Timbers logos I wanted the patch to be green and gold but also bright and iconic like the 76 patch. The size was chosen to fill in areas around other larger patches on vestments. The idea was to sell them at Patch Zone to encourage attendance at our game time gatherings.

Please, no comments asking how to obtain this patch. We cannot help you.

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