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Seek and Destroy 2: Insufferable Bastards

Insufferable Bastards – 0 Pity Given

This year’s design takes it’s inspiration from the 96th Bomb Squadron, the first Bomb Squadron to take to the skies. Their logo is a devil thumbing his nose to his enemies below, created by a bomber on the original 96th Squadron, who happened to be a graphic designer. Celebrating our insufferable ways, the nose thumbing felt very inline with how we feel about our neighbors to the North. I have added a Silver Star to commemorate this season, being our first with a silver star on our jerseys. You’ll also notice our devil dawns an Aces scarf, my personal favorite adornment when visiting the Emerald Shitty. But wait, there’s more… There will be a Top Secret merit badge opportunity with this patch. Only those who order will find out more, but I will leak that you must be in attendance in Seattle to have said opportunity.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5
Run Size: 400

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