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Montana Volunteers Timbers MB

This patch is a Merritt Badge. What does that mean and why is the term mispelled?

The initial run number of 200 patches was chosen to recognize Montana’s main street: State Highway 200. At a later date, an additional 100 patches were added as a fundraiser for victims of a Garfield County, Montana wildfire. Another fundraiser in winter of 2017 helped food banks get relief to those affrected by blizzards on the Blackfeet, Northern Cheyenne and Ft Belknap reservations raising over $2,200.

Requirements: Supporters can earn the badge through good works in support of the Montana Volunteers Regional Supporters Group, or by attending a Timbers watch party in Montana, or by traveling from Montana to any Timbers match. This badge was also earned by making a donations to specific local fundraisers.

Tradable: Only if recipient has met requirements.

About the Montana Volunteers Merritt Badge:

TThis bison skull was made famous as part of the signature of Montana’s cowboy artist, Charles M. Russell. The skull currently appears on Montana’s license plates and the state’s commemorative U.S. quarter. By including the skull on their Merritt Badges, the Montana Volunteers are combining their devotion to Montana with their support for the Portland soccer clubs.

Dimensions: x
Run Size: 400

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