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Designated Driver Merit Badge

This patch is a Merritt Badge. What does that mean and why is the term mispelled?

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Run Size: 304

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The Designated Driver merit badge was conceived shortly after the time Jake Gleeson and Liam Ridgewell were charged with DWUI. They were sold, with all proceeds going to LifeWorks NW, an organization that provides prevention, mental health, and addiction services for more than 19,000 Oregonians in the Portland metro area each year.

Easter Egg: Notice the silhouette of Mount Hood on the cuts of the key.

Requirements: The not so short version… You wear this if you act as a designated driver. You wear it upside down if you pledge not to drink and drive. You can buy them and gift them to people who act as a designated driver, or gift them to people who ask for a designated driver. Talk about the requirements when people ask about the patch.

Tradeable: For a ride? Yes. For another patch? No.

From the original signup sheet:

This merit badge is earned in several different ways, but it starts with a promise. You will be asked to sign a pledge before you place orders because this is a badge of honor and a sign of dedication to help each other both on and off of the field.

For those who choose to be Designated Drivers, it is a symbol and a celebration of your commitment to make sure your fellow TA members get home safely. If you receive multiple DDMBs, wear them proudly. You’re a champion. You’ve earned it.

For those who choose to seek alternative routes rather than take the risk of driving, this is a token of gratitude to be given to your Designated Driver.

For those who offer support, but do not act as Designated Drivers, this is a pledge to never get behind the wheel and to help your PTFC brothers and sisters find a ride, even if it is not with you. Please wear this badge upside down as a reminder of your responsibility. Hey, when you look down, it will appear right-side up!

This badge is not exclusive to those who make a donation or participate at an event, and unlike other merit badges, it is meant to be given away. In fact, every order comes with two patches; it is your choice how to use them. When you see this patch adorning vestments, it is a promise to make sure that we all show up next time.

100% of proceeds went to Lifeworks NW. This patch was funded by the Ha HA! patch.

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