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Cascadia MLS Logo

Dimensions: 3 x 3
Run Size: 2000

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A logo conceived and posted in the Facebook group Cascadia Trifecta the day the new MLS logo was announced, while everyone was goofing on it. Sized to fit over the top of the MLS logo on jerseys. Sales covered the costs of producing stickers that were given away with sets, and the donation of 1000 patches. 225 each went to supporters groups for each Cascadian team; 107ist, Gorilla FC (Seattle) and Southsiders (Vancouver). 225 went to Alexandre Baretich (the designer of the Cascadia flag) to help fund the Cascadian Flag Making Coop, whose main goal is to be able to economically produce Cascadian flags in the region instead of China. 100 were given to Patch Patrol for future noob packs. This was a rare patch order that was opened up to people outside of Patch Patrol, and supporters of other teams. Sets were sold in 4s, but actually shipped with 5. Timbers supporters received a blacked out version of the same patch as their 5th.

Cascadia MLS Logo: Oops!

This patch has two missing stars, and is the only one known to exist. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Wong.

More Patches:

Other versions of this patch

MLS Cascadia Logo: Red and Black
Cascadia MLS logo: Blacked Out

Please, no comments asking how to obtain this patch. We cannot help you.

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